Argentina vs. Donald Trump

Forget that I spent Tuesday night staffing one of the hottest award dinners in DC this week; forget the fact that I got this close DC’s glitterati which included the likes of General Petraeus, Secretary Bob Gates, the great Vittorio Grigolo and even shook hands with Gov. John Huntsman (all at the same party). Just for a moment, ignore the fact that I even made an offer on a dream condo yesterday (and that the offer has been accepted) and that for the first time in my life I am this close to being a homebuyer in one of the nation’s hottest real estate markets. Never mind all that big news for a few seconds, and think instead about what else happened in the world this past week.

First of all, Ted Cruz dropped out the U.S. presidential elections Tuesday night. Secondly, John Kasich quickly followed suit. That leaves us in a rather uncomfortable position: Donald Trump being one step closer to the White House. Of course, for anyone closely following the race, this should come as no surprise. We, including some of us traditional Republicans, have all been in denial that he could actually make it this far. However, for those realists among us, despite what the Internet and TV would make us believe, his candidacy stopped being funny a long time ago.

So what do other countries think about this man as the possible next president of the United States? Well, you could Google international reactions to find out, but if you do, make sure you don’t pass over the latest reaction coming from Argentina’s soccer community, which aired this week, because it’s a gem:

For non-Spanish speakers out there, the text at the end of the clip reads: “It’s true, the best that you can do is not let us enter.”

A written commentary of this brilliant ad can be read here.


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