When the Best Choice is Only “Lukewarm”

Today was a big day in our household and not because Fox Sports finally brought in Spanish-speaking commentators from countries other than Mexico for the Copa America games (although that was a big deal, too). The headliner this Sunday was the fact that it was Election Day in Peru which meant even Peruvian nationals living abroad had to, by law, show up and vote. The Peruvian Embassy here in DC organized the whole event for our area and J. Miguel, like a good law-abiding Peruvian, did his duty and cast his ballot, even though he’s not crazy about either candidate, Keiko Fujimori or Pablo Kaczynski. (Kind of like how I feel about Clinton vs. Trump — they both stink, if you ask me.)

But since he had to vote, he decided to put his support behind the lesser of the two evils which to him, is Pablo Kaczynski. And by the way, poor Pablo Kaczynski. In some respects, at age 77, he is facing the same agism Senator McCain battled in the 2008 U.S. elections. According to J. Miguel, Kaczynski has a nickname in Peru that translates into “lukewarm,” meaning, he’s still alive, but barely. (He could turn “cold” at any minute.) And yet, J. Miguel is hoping this “lukewarm” candidate wins the election because at least, in this opinion, the man will be able to make decisions for himself whereas Fujimori, he fears, will simply be a puppet president, controlled by those who used to advise her father. And we all know how that ended for Peru.

When it comes to politics, I have always wondered if there is an advantage to being able to vote in two different elections. If one country elects a terrible leader, one always has the choice to move to the other country, assuming that place has a much better person running the show, right? In J. Miguel’s mind, however, there is no real winner in either the U.S. or Peruvian elections this time around so whichever way he looks at it, he’s screwed and will simply have to accept the outcomes.

So that is what is happening in our home tonight…we are tracking live the election results. And last I checked in, it was a damn tight race. God save Peru!


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