It’s a simple but incredible concept, having a place to call home. They say that if your home life isn’t safe and sound, your professional life and your relationships will also suffer. Finally, since embarking on the home-buying process for the first time in my life in May, I moved into my new condo just yesterday. And even among the partially opened boxes and chaos inside these walls, I am more in love with this place than I was when I first made the offer to buy this place. It is bigger than my previous apartment although not huge (perfect for me, J.Miguel and Gato), it is modern, in wonderful condition, full of natural light and in a peaceful neighborhood–just the sanctuary we have needed from our busy lives at work.

And while I still have a lot of ahead of me in terms of unpacking, organizing, decorating, I haven’t felt this stress-free since April when I decided I was going to give up renting and invest in my own place. The mental stress of buying a home for the first time–as a single woman–is exhausting. Even though the sale itself was smooth sailing, just the process of buying a home (and making arrangements to move) can wear on you. I can’t tell you what a load off my shoulders it is to be physically living in my new home. It’s like I hadn’t been able to mentally (or physically) rest until I got this point. There was always something that needed to be done: dense legal documents to read and sign, forms to fill out, payments to make (I have been bleeding money ever since going under contract), people to call, people to meet, tasks that need to be done during business hours on the side of my demanding full-time job…hiring movers, packing our belongings, physically moving, cleaning out the old place…the responsibilities have been non-stop but now, I am finally in a good place.

After a long hiatus, I will be able to return to blogging. I will be able to go to the gym. I’ll be able to read for pleasure and cook at home. And for the first time in years, I will be able to do my laundry in my home home without having to go to the communal laundromat in my old apartment building and pay $5 per load. I’ll be able to park in a covered garage. I’ll live in a truly safe and secure community, and I will be able to settle down for once in my life. (I have never hung up pictures when renting, for example, because I never knew how long I’d stay the way rental prices keep increasing.)

So after all this time, I’m back! A little disconnected from all things Latino but alive and recharged. To anyone who has stuck around during my time away, thank you. It’s good to be back. It’s good to be home.


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