A lot has happened in my life over the past several months. I bought my first home which I am in love with. It’s in a new city but literally just 10 minutes away from where I lived before. It’s newer, it’s quieter, it’s overall a thousand times nicer than where I was previously. I’m not done unpacking, and I still need to buy furniture, but I love it. I’m truly, really happy—at least with that part of my life. And it’s a big part of my life.

Since moving, I’ve realized how key it is to love where you live because it makes life’s other obstacles easier to handle: the commute to work, the stress of the job, the rude people in the street, etc. All of that stuff seems to bother me less now that I have a peaceful, comfortable home I can call my own.

But besides the move and home purchase, some other changes have occurred in my life as well. For one, J. Miguel and I are weathering some relationship storms, and I’m not sure when we’ll find the sun in this current disturbance. I don’t know what it is that made things change, but we’ve been struggling since the move. I guess we were struggling a bit before the move, too. We’re still living together, but we’re distant, and I’m afraid, but also, it’s altered many of my thoughts and interests and ultimately what I want to write about on this blog.

In all honesty, “Katalina, Katalina” was never really about me. It was about J. Miguel. And it worked for a while, but the changes that have occurred recently between us have brought me to the conclusion that maybe it’s time to spend more energy on me—what makes my mind tick, what interests me, the stories I want to tell and the photos I want to share.

So this blog is going through some rebranding. I’ll keep the title but am considering what to change the tagline to. I’ll occasionally dabble in Latino issues, but not as much as I was before, back when I was a little more connected to J. Miguel and when he was more open to sharing his stories with me.

Who knows what will happen to us. If you pray, please pray that whatever happens is ultimately the best thing that needs to happen, because I want to believe that whatever the outcome is, it will be the right one. And in the meantime, do know that some things are going to gradually change here on this blog. It’s up to you to decide if it is for better or for worse. 🙂


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