Simple Pleasures Part II

I have these quirky little fantasies. One is to call in sick to work on a cold, rainy day and spend my time at home painting acrylic on canvas pictures while listening to classical music or jazz. (Something that will never happen as I don’t call in sick unless I really am.) Another is to spend my entire weekend in my PJs, curled up on the couch reading books or watching Netflix. (My sectional and accent chair arrive early August and then that fantasy can come true!) Another is to be able to write this blog from my new private balcony with a piece of key lime or pecan pie (depending on the season) on the table next to my laptop. (That dream might be a few months away as I need to save for outdoor furniture.) Kind of weird, right? At age 38, I’m starting to sound like an old woman!


This morning I got to experience one of my other quirky little fantasies—sitting at my new kitchen table, coloring in my favorite adult coloring book (sounds so scandalous, but it’s not) while enjoying a warm cup of milk tea.

Some people might read all this and think of me as being painfully introverted. It’s true, when taking the Myers-Briggs test I always score slightly introverted, but just barely, for some reason. I do feel I am more introverted than I test, however, but it’s not because I feel uncomfortable socializing—I don’t. I have no problem introducing myself to a group of people I don’t know or killing it at networking events. I can also speak publicly with little anxiety. It’s just that after a while, it all starts to drain me. And on top of an extremely stressful job, the easiest way for me to unwind is to spend some time alone doing some simple, but relaxing activities. For some reason, these bring me a lot of joy. Sadly, they are mostly fantasies, however, as life rarely seems to slow down enough for me to do any of these things I long to do.

Today I got lucky, though. J. Miguel is at a Peruvian festival I opted not to join so I’m alone in the condo, finally able to enjoy my new home as these past weekends have been full of work or social obligations that have taken me out of the condo. So today I’m going to finish coloring this picture (or not), publish this blog post, make some pasta for lunch with a glass of crisp white wine and finish watching “The American,” starring George Clooney, on Netflix.

I will accomplish absolutely nothing today except a total recharge of my social and physical batteries, and I will enjoy every single minute of it.


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