Today I Bought Myself Flowers

As a city person, I consider buying fresh flowers a luxury. It’s almost along the same line as paying for a manicure or pedicure—it can be a lot of money for temporary pleasure.

Ever since the home buying process began, I’ve been living frugally, waiting for my finances to even out. On top of buying a home, the physical acts of moving and getting settled in can add up in expenses. And until I finish unpacking my last box and moving in that last piece of furniture (which will be next weekend with the couch and accent chair) I will continue to forbid myself the indulgence of pretty nails—nails that will only be destroyed with the manual labor involved with “settling in.”


Table flowers

But I let myself slip today with the flowers. And they weren’t that expensive, to be honest. (Although if I add them to my weekly shopping list like I’d like to, it could get scary.) But I made an exception today. The condo was looking stark without living room furniture and needed some color and sophistication that only a vase of fresh flowers could bring, so I broke down and bought two bouquets at Whole Foods today, slipping them into my favorite vase at home.

As I admired them throughout the afternoon, pleased with my splurge, I came to the conclusion that it’s important to buy oneself flowers every once in a while. And they don’t have to be flowers literally and it doesn’t have to be something that can be bought. The point is to once in a while allow yourself to experience something simple that brings you pleasure, a treat you wouldn’t ordinarily indulge in but one that makes you happy.

Today it was flowers. Next week, it might be donuts, who knows? What was your “flower purchase” today?


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