Single-Childless-Working Woman Problems

Single-Childless-Working Woman Problems. That’s what I like to call some of the challenges in my life these days. I don’t care who it offends, it’s reclaiming the challenges in my life that are often underplayed by society because I don’t have a family to take care of.  And just because I’m not married or have children, it does not mean I am any less busy than those who do have families. It also doesn’t mean my challenges are any less important—they are simply different, and this weekend, I had to acknowledge that.

This weekend was a perfect example. After a busy, stressful, five-day work week, I continued my job into Saturday. And while the work event I participated in this weekend was incredibly fascinating (it was a cyber security simulation and a college student cyber security competition also attended by professionals in the private and public sectors), it was still work, and it was still work that cut into my personal time, my weekend.

And because I spent several hours working this weekend, I did not have time to coach one of two friends applying for jobs who have sought out my advice. Helping one out of two isn’t bad, but two out of two would have been better, especially since I had made a promise. But it simply wasn’t meant to be. I came home from the event at around 4:30 PM (and that was leaving early!) only to collapse onto my bed and fall into a deep sleep, waking hours later to make dinner and fall asleep again on the couch while watching “Monster In-Law.” I was physically and mentally spent. End of story.

Sunday was spent running errands. Grocery shopping, buying a gift for a colleague who has resigned from work to go into grad school full time; buying a gift for an out-of-town friend who just adopted a newborn; laundry; cooking; retirement planning because I have put it off too long and my fund manager’s Money Market account is being deactivated in a week, and I need to find a replacement portfolio ASAP; and other adult responsibilities that can only be done on the weekend, which this week was reduced to just one day.

I’m not complaining; it is what it is. But it’s hectic. It’s exhausting. And it’s a different type of busy than what my (working and non-working) mother peers have to juggle. But I consider it all just as difficult and just as important. Single-Childless-Working Woman Problems. Not enough free time, not enough “me time,” not enough sleep, not enough hours in the weekend, much less in a day. That has been my life lately.

Relaxation, self-care, meditation, exercise, creative work—the very things I treasure and consciously try to implement into my busy life…it all has taken a back seat to reality as of late. But I will make it up to myself—perhaps next weekend.


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