Sometimes You Just Need to Splurge


Funny how society has wired us to feel as if we need to justify splurging. I don’t understand why we have to, although I’m just as guilty of doing it myself. The fact of the matter is, sometimes you just need to splurge. And splurging, I have found, means something different to each person depending on lifestyle, income, values, etc.

As for me, there are a few things I will splurge on from time to time, most of them contributing to the sanctuary I have turned my condo into (I tend to spend more time at home vs. going out these days, and I absolutely love it!):

  • An Uber ride home (vs. public transportation)
  • A nice meal delivered to home (UberEats)
  • Fresh flowers every weekend
  • Manicure/pedicure
  • Hair highlights
  • A bottle of Johnny Walker Green Label
  • A nice handbag or other accessory
  • Peapod delivery service
  • A vacation
  • Amazon prime subscription
  • Spotify subscription
  • Netflix subscription
  • Cable TV
  • Cleaning service for the condo

Has my life changed because of my splurges? In many ways, yes. I’ve become much happier. I have more free time thanks to Peapod grocery delivery service and hiring an cleaning service for my home. I can listen to my music underground in the subway on the way to work and back with Spotify (on days I don’t splurge on an Uber, that is). My home is cozy and bright with fresh flowers gracing the kitchen table all week—it brightens my mood. And I feel more beautiful with manicured nails, highlighted hair, and a special accessory such as a stylish handbag. I can receive my Amazon shipments much faster and with no shipping fees thanks to my Prime subscription (which paid for itself during Christmas as I shipped gifts to loved ones across the country) and on nights when I just want to collapse after a stressful day at work, nothing beats a Johnny Walker Green Label and some cable TV/Netflix.

Do I sound elitist and stuck-up? I can see how one might think I would. Do I sound materialistic? To some people, most likely. Should I be apologetic for wanting to treat myself from time to time? Absolutely not.

What are things you are willing to splurge on?


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