My Perfect Life


Sunday evening is the best time to daydream about your perfect life, mainly because you know in the back of your head the hell of Monday is just hours away. I’m lucky enough to have the infrastructure for that so-called-perfect life: I have a home I love, and a neighborhood I adore, both which could serve as the foundation from which I’d build my perfect life around, if I were ever able to do so. What I don’t have is the economic freedom to pursue that so-called perfect life, but still, on nights like tonight, it seems to be all I can think about lately. If I could, here is how I would start and end my work week:

7:30AM: Wake up. Generally speaking, I’m most energized in the morning. A good night’s sleep is essential, but sleeping in for me is 8:00AM and that feels too late for me on a weekday. (I currently wake up at 5:00AM in order to catch a 7:00AM bus and it sucks.)

8:00AM: Yoga on my balcony. I’m not a yoga person, but if I had the time and energy, I’d take my yoga mat onto my balcony and do some simple exercises first thing in the morning. I already have a soft, beautiful, Mediterraenian-inspired rug on my balcony and a small table and chair set, but there is still enough room for a single person to perform some simple yoga moves in order to get the blood circulating after a good night’s rest.

8:30AM: Morning protein shake while watching NHK World News from Japan. (I’ve about had it with US cable news.)

9:00AM: Work. Even in the perfect life, work is essential for me. And depending on my mood, I’d either work from home (I have a really nice home-office set-up, as well as the balcony), or I’d take my laptop to a nearby library (there are two of them within walking distance or a short drive) or one of the many cute cafes in the neighborhood. What would the perfect line of work be? I’d have my own business freelance writing, whether it’d be grant writing, which I do full-time anyway, or communications work.

10:00AM: Morning tea break. Beverages of choice include lemon-grass green tea, English breakfast with cream and sweetener, or cucumber ice water.

10:30AM: Continue working, and hopefully enjoying it.

Noon: Lunch break. Depending on my mood, I’d cook a simple lunch at home, order in, or treat myself to lunch out at one of the cute eateries in the neighborhood.

1:00PM: Walk. The best way to digest a meal is to take a nice, leisurely 2 mile walk, which can easily be done in an hour.

2:00PM: Return to work.

4:00PM: Stop work for the day and do something creative—painting, jewelry-making, paper crafts—something that uses the other side of my brain.

5:00PM: Reading. I’d spend an hour reading whatever I wanted—a novel, non-fiction, a magazine. Ah, to be able to have this luxury on a daily basis!

6:00PM: Dinner. I’d likely make my own dinner and on occasion invite a friend over or go out to meet a friend for dinner in downtown DC. The only reason I order take-out as often as I do now is because I’m stressed out from work and currently don’t make it home until 7:00PM, by which time I’m freaking exhausted.

7:30PM: After dinner tea on the balcony, and blogging. Yes, I’d definitely blog more in a perfect world.

8:30PM: Shower and watch Netflix.

9:30PM: Read in bed, fall asleep, only to wake up at 7:30AM and do it all over again until the weekend.

And, because this is a perfect life that I am talking about, all this doesn’t have to take place at my home here in Alexandria, Virginia. This perfect life I’ve dreamt up also has the flexibility to allow me to take my work and routines on the road. For example, I might want to book myself a working vacation from the beach in Florida, or from my parents’ porch in Minnesota. That’s the beauty of this concoction I’ve dreamt up.

Ah, just reading this makes me feel both relaxed, but also sad. Relaxed because it is such a soothing and rewarding schedule compared to what I currently experience and sad because it seems so unattainable to me right now.

What would your perfect life be like?


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