Where I’ve Been

I missed blogging last week—and I almost missed it again this week. I’m so sorry, to those who were waiting for my weekly post.

As you may recall from previous blog posts, I’ve discovered a new hobby, and it’s quickly turned into a major stress reliever. (That’s what hobbies are for, right?) After taking a free art class on Craftsy.com, I discovered the niche world of art journaling—the craft of elaborately decorating journals, planners and notebooks through mixed media. And I’ve been hooked ever since. So much that it has become my go-to after a long, demanding, exhausting day at work.

But this new discovery has been much more for me than “art therapy.” It’s been a whole new world of learning. For example, I have learned how to do watercolor and ink designs, I’ve learned what a traveler’s journal is and how artists are using it as their mobile art studios. I’ve learned about water brushes (amazing), fountain pens and ink, stationary, stamps and other media. I’m learning how to use Instagram strategically, how to curate and design my page so that it is aesthetically pleasing, when to post to generate the most “likes,” how to use the app’s “stories” feature, and all about this online community of art journalers who span the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Malaysia and other parts of this great, glorious world.

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." — Buddha

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I must admit, I’ve temporarily become lost in this new hobby, and that’s likely a reflection of other things happening in my life—things that aren’t so pleasant, that don’t bring the type of satisfaction the act of creating something brings. My art journal has very much become my escape from the hard issues in my life and career—the things I want to forget when I come home from work late, exhausted and frustrated.

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about his blog because it is still very much another outlet for me to temporarily forget the rigors of daily life. Despite all these challenges I’m facing, I continually remember I have much to be grateful for and that my problems are minuscule compared to the issues others are facing in this world.

And in the end, I know I’ll be okay. That’s what hobbies are for, afterall.

If you want to check out my latest projects, you can find me on Instagram at jodi katherine_creatives (link here). Cheers!


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